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Giovanni Zuccaro

Make things
Break things
Connect things

I’m an enthusiastic and passionate techie with in-depth agency and industry experience and a focus in software development, specifically web-based. Actually living in Milan and diving into the data market as data scientist at MM s.p.a., a long established engineering company.

I’m also a TAU Visual photographer, founder of Direzione Ostinata, a photo-collective based in Milan. I’ve teamed up with some other nice people too, founding Bitmatters, a starting-up digital agency.

Creative and hardworking, occasionally unorthodox but always responsive, I try to challenge boring thinking and seek out the less obvious. Strong written and oral communication skills with a passion for public speaking.
I’m always open to new projects and ideas, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

photo courtesy of Chiara Fracassi